Tips for Selling your Home During the Holidays

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It’s no surprise that warm weather months are the prime time for buying and selling real estate. But real estate season doesn’t always line up with real life, and you may find yourself selling your home during the holidays. Find out how to make the most of it with the tips below.

Improve Online Listings

When it’s cold and wet outside, most people won’t want to go from one open house to another. That means that your home needs to stand out from the crowd to convince buyers to visit for a closer look. Take new photos to show off your space. A video tour is a great way to show buyers the entire space without walking away from their computers.

Make Your Home Warm and Inviting

selling your home during the holidays - door wreathWhen house hunting does require going out in the cold, your home can be a refuge for those who visit. Think about the feeling you’d like potential buyers to have when they enter. Choose soft music, light candles with a warm scent, and offer fresh baked treats. When your home is inviting, potential buyers will be more likely to see themselves settling into the space.

Decorate for Staging

It may be tempting to go over the top with holiday decor, but when trying to sell your home, less is more. When selling your home during the holidays, avoid holiday decor clutter and choose subtle touches instead. A few simple decorations on a mantle and lights strung on a staircase railing can create a cozy, welcoming feeling that homebuyers will love.

Consider Curb Appeal

Take those decorating tips outside as well. This isn’t the time to show up your neighbors with an outrageous light display. That isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, and when you’re trying to sell your home, the goal is to appeal to as wide an audience as possible. Go easy on the outside lights and avoid large lawn decorations. Your home should draw potential buyers in. Simple, classic decoration choices can do that.

Use an Experienced Realtor

Buyers who are taking time to look at homes during the holiday season are usually much more motivated to buy. Working with an agent can help you seek out those buyers. An experienced realtor will know exactly how to present your house in a way that will make a motivated buyer take an interest. While winter may not seem the ideal time, selling your home during the holidays has its advantages.  

Get It Sold

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